Thursday, February 28, 2008

Drinking beer through a straw is just not the same!

So last night I was able to finally drink after two weeks of no alcohol...only problem was that I still can't use my arms so thank goodness for bendy straws-albeit its quit a different experience. I also received more information about what my possible treatments will be. In two weeks I will go in for the chest biopsy which means another surgery and at least three to four more days in the hospital. However, I have to admit I can't complain too much as we now refer to Hoag Hospital as Hoag Hotel since I get to order every meal with a array of delicatessens ranging from spaghetti and meatballs to filet mignon-I kid you not. Brooke is already nervous since she gained three pounds eating my chocolate chip cookies during the last visit.

Then depending on the results of the biopsy, I will have two different treatments. If the nodes in my chest come out negative for cancer (which would mean that I have Stage III cancer), then I will undergo six treatments of chemotherapy, once every three weeks. Then I will have five weeks of radiation. Unfortunately, if I have radiation treatment, I will not be able to to get reconstructive surgery for one year after my last radiation treatment.

If it turns out that the nodes in my chest do have cancer (which would mean that I have Stage IV cancer), then I would be able to take this new type of chemotherapy, which would only require six treatments every two weeks and I would not have to undergo radiation treatment.

So the irony of my situation is that I am literally hoping that I have Stage IV cancer so that my treatment will be easier and isn't that f@#$ up :)

Feeling the love

I want to thank everyone so much for all the beautiful flowers, balloons, and gifts. I even appreciated the pink pig that oinks :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fabulous Flowers!!!

Lindsay has recieved numerous flower arrangements and all of them have been beautful!! But we just recieved one that is just the most entertaining so far!! We figure if Lindsay can't drink any margarita's for a while she might as well have a flower margarita :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Home sweet home!!

Though it was a bit of a rough night with Lindsay dealing with some severe pain, she was discharged from the hospital this morning, YEAH!!! She still has some moments of sharp pain but hopefully the valium they gave her will relax her muscles and ease it :) So we are all back at her place and resting comfortably.
Unfortunately for the next two weeks she is unable to move her arms at all, so mom and I will be around to help her out and to try and keep her cats from jumping up to get some lovies :)

Yet again we want to thank everyone for the wonderful flowers, cards, thoughts, prayers that Lindsay has recieved ...and starbuck runs that we all have recieved!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hospital Information

Hoag Hospital
1 Hoag Dr
Newport Beach, CA

rm 4E50

Looking beautiful even after surgery!!

Well finally around 8:00pm the LA posse (mom, me, Jen, Stella and Eddie) finally got to see Lindsay... and as usual she looked FAB-U-LOUS!! She was in a little pain when we first got there but then morphin drip kicked in and she was feeling just fine by the time we left. She was even cracking jokes throughout the visit, though I doubt she will remember :) So mom is staying there for the night and I am back at Lindsay's place to check on her cats and make sure they are doing what they do best, sleep!

And I just wanted to thank everyones so much for their thoughts and prayers today!!! I know all the good vibes helped Lindsay kick some cancer @ss today!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The doctor just came out to tell us that the surgery went very well!!! They checked 3 lymph nodes and all came back clean, YEAH!!!!!! The doctor did note that Lindsay is quite a fighter :) As usual she is kicking ass even under sedation!!!

In Surgery

Well as with most doctors appointments this one got started late. She was suppose to go into surgery at 12:15 but didn't get in till almost 2:00. The doctors say the surgery should be 4 hours long. So assuming I can use Eddie's computer later today I will post an update later this evening.

As for Lindsay well as usual she was the calmest throughout the morning, though she did get a little anxious later in the afternoon. But by the time the IV was flowing she was even cracking up the anesthesiologist!

Surgery tomorrow

I am heading into surgery tomorrow at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. I check in at 9:00 a.m. but the surgery won't start until 12:30 p.m. and is expected to take approximately 6 hours. They suspect that I will then spend at least two days in the hospital. I don't know what room I will be in but you can call my cell phone, which my sister will have, if you want to visit or get the room number.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Hair Cut!

Here is my new hair you really can't tell us apart!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Glowing in the Dark Anymore

I finished my balloon radiation last Friday and had the balloon and catheter removed then. Since then I have slowly gotten over some of the nerve pain, mammosite pain and radiation burn. Yesterday I went back to work half time and even went to the Y and did some elliptical bike work. It felt very good. I will work half time this week and go to California next Tuesday to be there for Lindsay's surgery. My whole process went very smoothly and I am now CANCER FREE! Now we move on to make Lindsay CANCER FREE. -Actually I can't say I'm not glow in the dark because my hot flashes are probably lighting up something! I would like to thank all the people at Pierce County Library System who donated vacation hours for shared leave so I wouldn't run out of sick leave. I can't even begin to list the food, presents, books, visits, cards support and love that my co-workers have given me to make this passage easier. Incredible bunch of people. Then there is the family who kicked in with things like chocolate chip/pumpkin muffins-really yummy and the friend who sent her favorite book of poetry. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love to all Patti

Quote of the day

"The uterus is present."
~Results of Lindsay's CT Scan

I do have to commend my oncologist for being thorough. Despite the fact that all of the follow up tests and blood indicators indicate that there is nothing in the nodes in my chest, she took my case to a breast cancer conference (yay! I am a case study) to get further insight and the experts agreed...they have no idea what came up on my PET scan. Therefore, my oncologist has recommended that I get a full chest biopsy but agrees that it can wait until after my mastectomy, which is still scheduled for February 20th.

Our Angel - Sally Salavea

I received devastating news today and it had nothing to do with my cancer. My dear boss, Sally Salavea passed away in a car accident over the weekend. Anyone who I have spoken to since I started with this company have heard me say that she is the reason that I came to this company because she had the truest heart of anyone I have met. I am devastated with her loss because even though we weren't the closest of friends, she always provided me with so much support that its hard to imagine going through this without her. Therefore, I ask that everyone that would have prayed for me and my family tonight pray for Sally's family as we all mourn the loss of a daughter, wife, sister, friend, and mentor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Arggghhh!! While the chest biopsy came out clean, my oncologist still wonders what came up on the P.E.T. Scan and therefore, has recommended that I go for further testing. This would mean that my mastectomy will be delayed and that I will have to go through a much more invasive chest biopsy. Needless to say this was a blow considering I had thought the news indicated that the cancer had not spread and that my surgery was still on for February 20th.

In the meantime, they have put me on hormone treatment for the next five years that will stop the cancer cells from multiplying but unfortunately has varying side affects ranging from blurry vision to realizing that the side effects of curing my cancer will be as brutal, if not more, than the cancer itself.

Regardless, I am constantly reminded of the amazing support from family, friends, and people I don't even know wishing me good health, strength, and happiness. Today I received a handmade blanket from one of my mom's friends that had pictures of my entire family on it, my aunt is taking cookie requests, and the democrats are organizing build-a-bear parties. My posse of friends, whom have been with me since the day I was diagnosed, have proven that with their strength and love that I will get through this. Most importantly Brooke has temporarily relocated here and I truly cannot convey the peace that I felt when she told me she was coming. So despite the fact that I will lose my breasts, Brooke will always be there to make me whole!! Finally, I must acknowledge the one who has sacrificed the most so far, my brother-in-law Mike, who has graciously loaned me his wife during this time. No sister could have asked for a more caring brother to sacrifice so much-with family like this, how can I not be inspired to kick some cancer @ss as quickly as possible!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hurrah, hurrah for nodes that are just nodes!!!!!
The balloon has been put in with a handy, dandy six inch catheter thing hanging off of it. Not particularly comfortable but oh well. I will start the seed radiation at 8 am Monday morning. By the way, I need to thank all my co-workers who have listened to me rant, rave and cry a few times in the past couple of weeks. They have been very kind and supportive. My "keeping it together" power has not been keeping it together very well lately. I think once I get through the radiation next Friday, I'll be a little less volatile. OR it could be that fact that I stopped hormone replacement therapy cold turkey-major hot flash time (my cancer is hormone receptor so I will probably be on an estrogen blocker for five years afterward). Anyway here's to a less crazed Patti. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008


I just got the official news from the doctor-the lymph nodes in my chest do not contain any cancerous cells!! To quote the doctor, "the lymph nodes in my chest are just nodes." Therefore, it looks like my treatment will go on as planned with my mastectomy scheduled for February 20th. The best news is that hopefully I will not have to go through radiation and therefore, wait an extra year to get a new set of ta-tas :)