Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To ballon or not to balloon...

I went to the radiation oncologist today and got another CT scan. They will put the balloon in on Thursday and then do another scan to see if it will really work(must be symmetrical etc.). I it is then I will start radiation on Monday twice a day for a week. Glad I have that Turbo Beetle!!!
If it doesn't work than I do once a day five days a week for seven weeks. Go Balloon!!
Great news from sleepy girl and twin. Makes a mothers heart sing! Patti

Sleepy Sister!!

Well Lindsay had her lung biopsy today and beside the fact that she couldn't eat anything past midnight last night and her procedure wasn't till 1:00 pm today, aka she was very hungry before she even went in, everything went very well! I was able to see her in the recovery room around 3:30 and though she had a VERY sore throat (the procedure had the instruments going down her throat) she was in good spirits and really craving some In and Out Burger with a strawberry shake!!! The good news is that the initial results came back clean!! Though she will not get the final results till next week. So at the moment she is still snoring nicely with her cats all curled up around her!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good News and Bad News

So I was a little confused when Brooke texted me the other day asking what was for dinner on Sunday and even though I explained to her that Stella was cooking some Philippino specialty which probably involves spam and lots of fried foods, she still agreed to come. Of course I still believe her main motivation is to enjoy the warm southern Californian sun :)

And as it turns out she couldn't have timed it better because I got news that the doctors do want me to get a biopsy of my chest to figure out what was showing up on the pet scan. So on Tuesday I go in for the surgery, which unfortunately sounds about as much fun as my mastectomy.

In the meantime, the doctors are being proactive in setting up my surgery and treatment, assuming that the biopsy comes back clean. They have scheduled my mastectomy for February 20th and still hope to start my chemotherapy about four weeks after the surgery. Although now that the dates are set, the reality of what I am about to go through is a bit overwhelming. Regardless, finally knowing what the plan is makes it easier to face then what I have been going through the last few weeks. At times I felt so incredibly powerless over my future and circumstances but now I am ready to kick some cancer @ss!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mother knows best!!!

Well Patti though it would be best if the twins got together to use their wonder twin powers! So I am headed out to WARM Southern California on Sunday, to first defrost, and second help Lindsay conquer all these doctor's appointments!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

...and still waiting

I know everyone has been waiting to hear the results of the tests and believe me, I have also been anxiously awaiting to hear back from my doctors. Alas, they finally told me that my CT and bone scan are clean!! However, there is still the issue of the cancer in the lungs that the Pet scan detected so I am off to yet another specialist to review the inconsistencies between the tests.

In the meantime, over a month has passed since I was diagnosed and I still have not started any kind of treatment or scheduled my surgery...which makes me wonder if the cancer will have spread during the time they have spent determining whether the cancer spread!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hurrah for Dr Lynne Clark!!
I just got the news from my doctor and she got all the cancer. There isn't any in the nodes that they took out so I can get the five day radiation!!! I am up and around today and getting better rapidly. Paul and I are spending a nice, relaxing day reading and watching tv. We don't get to do that together very often. Took a short walk with my friend Phyllis, got flowers from Paul's folks and enjoying the wonderful food everyone has brought. Thank you everyone. Patti

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sore but fine!

I had a lumpectomy and and two nodes removed yesterday. It only took an hour and went smoothly. The preliminary on the nodes is that they are clear of cancer. They still have to go to the pathologist and I should get that report this week hopefully. My cancer is non-invasive and very small. When I get the report, we will know what kind of radiation I will get. For now I'm just lying on the couch with the dog and cats watching DVD's. Our neighbors, Bob and Pam have been feeding us a lot with wonderful homecooking and friends have dropped by with food and flowers. The outpouring of caring and love from our friends is phenomenal and is keeping us going through our worries and hopes for Lindsay. Strong and brave is our beautiful girl. Brooke has taken on the job of communications person for Lindsay and I know that is a heavy load sometimes. This blog that Brooke started will help with that. Kirstin is keeping close contact and she and Klaus, Kristoffer, Kasper and Kira are our touchstone of normalcy. Grandpa Vernell and Uncle Hank are charged with making us laugh and they do. Grandma Horning is the quilt maker and has already sent one to Lindsay to snuggle in when she needs to. With our family and friends I feel like we have a small municipality supporting us!! Your comments are ver appreciated. Love Patti


Not good news from the pet scan...it appears that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in my chest. Again, I am scheduled for more tests on Friday and will hopefully get confirmation next Monday as to whether the "abnormalities" in my chest is cancer. If it is cancer, then it looks like I will be getting chemotherapy before the mastectomy. (Yah! I get to keep my boobies a little longer!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lindsay's Treatment Schedule (thus far)

I know a lot of people have been asking about what my treatment will be and while everyone is trying to be helpful by telling what they know, a lot of wrong information is being spread. So, this is what I know of my treatment thus far and pending further tests.

I will be getting a double mastectomy and will be on medical leave for up to 2 months. During that time I will receive my first chemotherapy. I will continue with chemotherapy for a total of six months. If it appears the cancer has spread, I will then receive radiation treatment. After all of my treatment is complete, I will go in for two last reconstructive surgeries where they will put in the implants and reconstruct the nipples.

Please note that I go in today to get the results of my pet scan. That should be a preliminary indicator as to whether the cancer has spread. This Friday, I will be getting a CT scan and a bone scan, which will further assist in determining whether the cancer has spread.

I of course will immediately post the results of the tests. Also, a lot of you have been telling me about other woman who have gone through this, or experts they know of. Please feel free to contact me after I post the results if you have any questions or know of someone who can help interpret the results :)

Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for the support that everyone has given me!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sounds cliche but...

It still almost sounds cliche everytime I say it...I have breast cancer. What is not cliche is that I am only 32 with no family history of cancer. Two weeks before I was diagnosed I was bragging how I was in the best shape of my life having quit smoking 8 months previous and subsequently kick started a health kick that included working out and changing my diet from Doritos and Pepsi to Lean Cuisines and water.

Of course I was still not content with my body even though I was a size 4 with natural "C" cup breasts. Now I just stare at my profile and wish that I appreciated this amazing body rather than constantly wish to be five pounds lighter. I stare at my profile and wonder how much my profile will end up resembling more of 12 year old boy with flat chest and buzz cut hair, rather than a busty, healthy 32 year old female. I wonder how different I will end up looking than my identical twin sister after the damage of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation has wreaked havoc on my body.

Everyone keeps asking me how I am doing...I am not "doing." My world pretty much stopped when I was told that I will lose both my breasts and that for the rest of my life, I will only have tattoos as nipples. But that of course is when the reconstructive surgery is done. That before I even get to that point I will have to go through six months of chemotherapy and possibly radiation. That during that time I will have to go to client meetings, City Council hearings, even the friggin grocery store without boobs or hair.

And of course they should have warned me the second they told me that I have cancer that not only am I going to have to deal with that blow but that I will have to help everyone else deal with "my cancer." I thankfully have the most amazing support group between my friends and family to the point that they are literally fighting over who gets to take me to my doctors appointments. However, I have to remind myself that the range of reactions and odd responses are just the different ways that everyone is dealing with the news in their own way.

So I sit here tonight on my couch with my two boys (Sven and Oli, my two 20 pound cats) sleeping next to me and it would appear that this would be just like any other Tuesday night. The only difference is the constant phone calls ranging from people I haven't heard from for years, to family and friends, and people who saw my blog on myspace, constantly reminding me that despite how cliche it sounds I have breast cancer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Here' s the plan Stan! for Patti's Treacherous Tits

Patti goes in for surgery on Wednesday. She is getting a lumpectomy. We will know then whether she will be able to do the balloon radiation (where they implant a small balloon of radiation in the breast for a few days) or will have to go every day for five weeks. Paul is being a ROCK and friends and co-workers are super supportive. It's been incredible!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


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