Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Working and couldn't be happier!!

I NEVER thought I would be so excited to work!! But it just feels amazing to have my life back and have a real schedule again. I worked two (mostly) full days last week and a full nine hour day yesterday. However, today I realized that my strength is not completely back and finally made it into work at noon today :) Ironically-getting back to a schedule has been extremely freeing, knowing that I can finally do (almost) all the things I used to do before I started treatment. So in order to commemorate finally being done and in acknowledgment of it being Breast Cancer Awareness month-I got one more tattoo :-)


Anonymous said...

Back to the grind of work, but back to the joy of being cancer-free and healthy! I know that you have a totally new perspective and will, unlike most people, not complain about so many petty things we all find annoying. Your remarkable journey has changed more than yourself and for that I thank you. I will think hard before complaining, be more thankful for good health, find more happiness in simple things each day, and love those around me even deeper than before. You are a beautiful, strong, remarkable woman, Lindsay!

Denise said...

hot tattoo for a hot chick. hugs n luv

Gillian in Va Bch said...

XLNT. We had crap weather for the Race for the Cure yesterday morning, so I was glad I was a financial contributor (in honor of you!) instead of being signed up to run. Have a great work week, rock star.

Maile said...

You coming back to work has been the best thing that's happened this year! It's been a rough past nine months, but you've pulled through it...and gracefully! Glad your back. And btw, nice tat! :)